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Nitrotane Race 20%, Quart

Nitrotane Race 20%, Quart

Key Features
Advanced lubrication package resulting in less wear and degradation of materials
Low acid content for longer glow plug, bearing and engine life
Runs cooler and cleaner for more consistent and reliable performance
By teaming with VP Racing Fuels, Losi has harnessed the pure power of full-scale drag racing competition and brought it straight to your nitro vehicle. The premium ingredients in Nitrotane Race Formula offer a lower acidity level than most other nitro fuels on the market, ensuring that your engine will be fully protected against internal corrosion. No other fuel can offer your nitro vehicle the same level of power and protection that goes into 300+ mph competition drag racers. The combination of VP Racing’s quality and the nitro racing expertise of Losi means that Nitrotane Race Formula is ready to take you to the finish line, tank after tank.

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