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My how time flies ....

Posted Nov-03-17 at 2:28 PM By jphadmin

My how time flies ...  Seems like only yesterday I was working on this website, but truthfully it's been awhile.  I've been surfing around here, deleting things, cleaning house so to speak, and adding current inventory items.  

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Park Track Work Party, April 22nd

Posted Mar-30-17 at 9:58 AM By jphadmin

The old saying "what have you done for me lately?" is popping up as the City of SR is wondering what's going on with the Park Track ....

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Help Wanted

Posted Mar-30-17 at 9:45 AM By jphadmin

Sonoma County’s leading Radio Controlled Hobby Shop is seeking applicants for retail sales of radio controlled hobby supplies.

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Park Track Update

Posted Mar-03-17 at 10:05 AM By jphadmin

After the major winter storms, some sunshine is a welcome change!  We know more rain is coming, but so is daylight savings and warmer weather.  The Park Track has grown a nice batch of grass with all the water, but is still seeing some use.  Expect more rc cars and trucks as the sun starts shining more often.
We're needing concrete company's to give bids for the drivers stand.  If you own, work at, or know someone who works at or owns a concrete company, PLEASE let them know we need bids.  We have the info (drawings) at the hobby shop, so anyone can stop by and take a look.  Bids need to happen asap.
Work parties should be starting up again soon.  Please keep an eye on Facebook and the Sonoma County RC Offroad group.  Listings of work party days and basic needs of the track are usually posted there for all to see.

RC Boating Returns to Rohnert Park

Posted Sep-23-15 at 3:51 PM By jphadmin

Looks like RC Boating is making a comeback in Sonoma County, with Roberts Lake in Rohnert Park again seeing RC Boating action.

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Park Track Update

Posted Aug-14-15 at 10:40 AM By jphadmin

Park Track Update #1: After almost a year and quite a few meetings, the City of Santa Rosa Park and Rec. Dept has amended the master plan for A Place to Play park

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2015 US Drone Racing Nationals

Posted Jul-18-15 at 5:19 PM By jphadmin

Held as part of the 2015 State Fair, the US Drone Racing Nationals was a major event in Quad racing. Everyone who is someone in the Quad racing world was on hand, including internet/youtube/rc forum stars, drone MFG's, and many tv stations and film crews.

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City Council and RC

Posted Jul-08-15 at 6:48 PM By jphadmin

The fact that the Council Members didn’t have much of an idea of Radio Controlled Car basics. Things like who drives them, who enjoys the hobby, this almost shot down the RC Track.

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Posted Jul-01-15 at 5:37 PM By jphadmin

So, PLEASE hit the like button every now and then. Reply to a post occasionally. Give JPH a positive review or post your latest project to our page. All these will help us stay in touch with you!

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