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JPH Traxxas 4x4 Slash So, it started simply enough .... I had been at a Ground Pounder Club race all day and as I unloaded my truck that evening and my 3.5 year old, Oliver, asked if he could drive my Slash. I quickly set it to "Trainer" mode (an awesome feature that only Traxxas offers) and we sat down on the curb to run the truck in circles.
Gear Ratio Basics by JPH Racing

Beginners and experts alike often ask "How do you determine a gear ratio?" . Well, figuring the ratio for a car is easy, figuring out what ratio to run is the hard part!

Be Good to Each Other

Oval racing is again on the rise in Nor-Cal.  With this brings a better level of competition and deeper fields.  But, it also brings along a wider variance of abilities and speeds, as Racers try new classes, or begin their racing careers....

Keeping it under control In Racing, having the “speed” doesn’t always equal an easy win. “Speed” can be easily purchased these days, especially in the nitro classes, where every race motor is now 1 horsepower +.