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ProTrac Slash Suspension Kit

Key Features
More fluid suspension geometry for jumping
Light weight/race inspired design
Increased tunability
Double jump durability
Faster, more consistent laps
Increased forward acceleration
One easy-to-install kit
Pro-Line's ProTrac Suspension kit for Slash is one easy-to-install kit that greatly increases forward acceleration, corner speed, consistency and drivability. The critics are ranting and raving about ProTrac.

What’s included:
Front Arms 6062-01 (2 pc)
Rear Arms 6062-02 (2 pc)
Front Shock Tower 6062-03 (1 pc)
Rear Shock Tower with hardware 6062-04 (1 pc)
Rear Hub Carriers 6062-05 (2 pc)
50mm x 4 Camber Links 6062-06 (4 pc)
70mm x 4mm Steering Links 6062-07 (2 pc)
ProTrac Split Six Wheels 2723-00 (4 pc) ProTrac Suspension Kit Split Six Wheels Fr, R: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Front Arms: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Rear Arms: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Front Shock Tower: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Rear Shock Tower: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Rear Hub Carriers: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Camber Links, 50x4mm: SLH
ProTrac Suspension Kit Steering Links, 70x4mm: SLH

Shock Color Parts Set, Dark Brown Anodized: Blitzby Hobby Products International$ 40.50Front Bumper: Slashby Pro-line Racing$ 13.954 visitors also liked this.
Engine Mount & Spacers (2): Jatoby Traxxas$ 12.003 visitors also liked this.
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