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No Prep Drag Bandit

JPH Bandit Drag Slider
It's a great place to start your No Prep R/C Drag build. Based on a 2wd Traxxas Bandit. Works with J-Concepts narrow bodies.

Basically, we strip down a 2wd Bandit and install a Low C.G. chassis. We keep all the parts you do not need. There's still work to be done on your part, but you get a great, cost effective, way to start your R/C Drag Car build.

Needed to Complete:
Wide Slash based body & paint.
Body Mounts.
Transmitter & Receiver.
Motor & ESC.
Wheels & Tires.
Battery & Charger.
Misc. items may be needed based on your individual set-up. Body mount, nuts and bolts, etc ...

Please note, a box this size costs about $20 to ship with UPS depending on your route.

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